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Social Impact Project in The Caribbean

Together with our partners we are working on sustainable agri-food production and processing chains. Supported by the RVO and the DGGF TA program we are creating economical and social opportunities: Hope for inclusive prosperity on one side and stable feedstock for biobased markets and applications on the other. Working towards a more sustainable future.

Pumpkin and sweet potato flour

In this project we are involved by offering knowledge, expertise and guidance in the production and processing chain of sweet potato’s and pumpkin.

Part of it are the starting material, the cultivation process, harvesting methodology, the entire post-harvest process (handling, selection, wound healing, storage), processing, transport and determining the right product-market combination.

To achieve the necessary scale for success, we partner up at the very beginning of the value chain and seal cooperation the whole way up towards the market. We collaborate with both small-scale, already grouped Caribbean growers and a select number of large-scale growers. By combining their efforts, we aim to create a technically, commercially, and financially viable project. At Rodenburg, we firmly believe in the potential of local growers to make a positive impact on their communities.


Our partners

Social impact

Rodenburg is committed to supporting local growers and fostering a sustainable value chain that provides them with alternative income sources. Our expertise lies in various areas, including purchasing, cultivation, harvesting, post-harvest processes, processing, transport, and identifying the right product-market combination. Together, we are building a resilient agricultural sector that ensures a brighter and more sustainable future for all.