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Biobased drilling starches

Rodenburg’s biobased drilling starches or "drilling mud" are a revolutionary solution in the drilling industry. It addresses environmental concerns associated with traditional petroleum-based fluids while maintaining drilling efficiency.

Bio-based drilling starches drill-mud is made from plant-based materials. By using biodegradable and non-toxic components it reduces the environmental impact of drilling operations. It minimises the risk of contamination and harm to ecosystems, while offering excellent lubrication, cooling, and pressure control properties.

Benefits of Drilling Mud

Besides suspending rock cuttings in the wellbore during drilling, drilling fluids have many more benefits, including:

  • Controlling Pressure: Drilling mud controls well pressure by offsetting the hydrostatic pressure in the rock formations and hydrocarbons.
  • Stabilizing Rocks: Drilling mud contains special additives to ensure the rock formations in the well don’t absorb it. Also, it helps keep the rock pores open.
  • Increasing Buoyancy: As the well goes deeper, more drill pipes go into the well, which can be heavier. Thankfully, drilling mud adds buoyancy, minimizing stress.
  • Adding Lubrication: Drilling fluids help lower rock formations’ friction, reducing heat. This cooling and lubrication help to extend the drill bit’s lifespan.


Our drilling starches are used by major oil and gas companies and drilling field service companies worldwide. We make use of a worldwide distribution network with local service and we can offer you private label on request.