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Energy 5 Eiken

Green energy made from side streams

At the Vijf Eiken business park, we’ve joined forces with our neighbours to launch the Energy 5 Eiken hub. Rodenburg will contribute to this energy hub by converting side streams from our businesses and factories into a valuable asset: green energy for our business park. With our expertise in utilising side streams, Rodenburg plays a critical role in bringing this project to fruition.

The solution is simple yet powerful: an advanced anaerobic digestion that transforms unused side streams into green gas. The gas can either be used directly or be converted into green energy through a cogeneration installation. In short, this project finds synergies between different companies where one’s waste becomes another’s energy source.

Currently in its conceptual phase, we aim for Energy 5 Eiken to secure the necessary permits by mid 2024, and to commence construction by the end of 2024. Within just two years, our installation is projected to be fully operational, breathing new life into side-streams and fuelling a greener future.