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From anti-microbial applications and use in coatings, to utilisation as a drug delivery agent, tanning agent or super absorber. With over 400 documented applications as an alternative to heavy metal- and fossil-based chemistry and a sustainable production process, DAS has the potential to shape the world of tomorrow.

Tony starch

DAS has the potential to shape the world of tomorrow.

Tony Starch, a division of Rodenburg, is realising a pilot plant to test and produce DAS, a platform molecule derived from starch. This molecule can not only replace fossil-based chemicals, it also forms an alternative to chemicals that are polluting, considered hazardous and non-biodegradable.

DAS is a truly green product. The only input streams for Tony Starch’s patented production process are plant-based starches and green electricity. The only output stream is DAS and the only by-product is hydrogen. Due to this elegant production process, we have created a scalable technology allowing for a product with competitive pricing compared to the polluting products it replaces.

We are currently in the process of building our first production plant. We invite companies with interest in DAS and its wide range of applications to connect with us. We would also love to connect with talented professionals who are eager to contribute their knowledge to a sustainable world.

Rodenburg’s Tony Starch division, has secured a grant from the European Just Transition Fund (JTF). In addition, the company will also receive co-financing from the state and province of Noord-Brabant.


Whatch the Tony Starch video. The game changer in green-chemistry!

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