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RodenburgFeed Ingredients

Sustainable, nutritious, and excellent performance during further processing. Rodenburg Feed Ingredients produces and supplies plant-based ingredients for use in animal feed. We offer a wide range of products to ensure you can find a solution that meets your specific requirements in terms of composition, nutritional value and other specifications.

Feed ingredients

Rodenburg Feed Ingredients offers a wide range of plant-based, nutritious, and versatile carbohydrates for use in pet food.

Our feed ingredients are produced from side and residual streams from the potato and vegetable industry. We collect, process, and enhance by-products from each step of the processing chain to create improved, recomposed plant-based ingredients to be used in pet food.

For decades, we have been a reliable partner for our customers. Through smart purchasing and strategic buffers, we guarantee dependable delivery, despite a volatile supply market for raw materials. We also ensure our products meet consistent quality standards and are fully traceable.

Currently, we mainly produce ingredients for pet food, but we are always exploring new areas. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you.

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