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Project ZEVER: Starch-based multi-layer film system with dynamic barrier properties

The latest innovation in the making: a starch-based multi-layer film system with dynamic barrier properties. This sustainable film extends the shelf life of fruit and vegetables and thus prevents food waste.

The challenge

To prevent spoilage of fresh food, the product is usually packaged in transparent multi-layer fossil plastic packaging materials. There is a growing demand for a more sustainable alternative that is both economically and technically competitive. Side stream products from the food industry are a promising renewable source for the production of packaging materials. The annual side flow of starches from the potato industry alone is estimated at 12 million tons.

We believe nature has given us innumerable opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered.

The production of a starch-based multi-layer packaging film has been demonstrated on a lab scale, but the compounding formula of this film is very precise. Both the scale-up to pilot scale and the use of side stream starch as a raw material have never been seen before.

The solution

The aim of this project is the development of a pilot production process of a 100% biobased multi-layer plastic film based on side stream starch that is economically and functionally competitive with the current fossil alternative for food packaging. The developed process will provide a high-quality application for side stream starches from the food industry.

A reference process is further developed and validated to a pilot scale. In addition, a side stream starch production process on a lab and pilot scale is being developed and validated. With the validated compounds, multi-layer films are blown on a commercial scale (contract production) and practical tests are carried out. The resulting results are used to supplement the business case.


The intended project results are: – Validated reference process – Validated pilot production process for side stream starch-based compounds – Validated toll production process of blown films based on the developed compounds – Significant reduction in food spoilage when using the commercially produced films – An adapted technical report and business plan for the extrusion of sidestream starch-based compounds


The pilot production and development of the extrusion is carried out by Rodenburg, while the lab research and pilot film blowing take place at WFBR.


We are looking for partners in retail and their suppliers with an interest in co-creation and product launch. We offer a One Stop Shop for this multi-layer foil system.

Interested? Contact us without obligation:

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Starch-based multi-layer film system with dynamic barrier properties