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Unflatables – Biobased Art

Unflatables is a new and innovative art collective that focuses on stacked inflatable figures. They started to produce with our biobased materials, in order to create more sustainable art.


The inflatable plastic beach toys, which usually last no longer than one summer, are transformed into  monumental sculptures. It is a tribute to ‘playing’, Like a child who discovers in the early years of life how to stack one shape on top of another. The magical moment when you let go of the stacked form and something completely new is created. The sculptures by Unflatables celebrate this euphoric moment and seal it with a real gold spout.

‘ let’s play and stack dreams! ‘

The use of our biobased and biodegradable shows that the modern artists of today are willing and able to work our innovative biobased and biodegradable compound. By using our compounds the artist can realize their object in the most sustainable way!