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Biodegradable tubes

This product is a protecting tube for cables and pipes, used during construction works. It is made from patato starch and completely biodegradable.

The challenge

You know them: the cable protection and casing tubes used to protect temporary utilities. Useful tubes, but removing them when breaking up the temporary building site is costly. This is where the Wavin Terra Tube comes in.

The solution

Wavin offers a sustainable solution which you can leave in place. The tube is made from surplus potato starch from chips and crisps factories. Rodenburg Biopolymers, a supplier of biological raw materials, turns this into a pellet that can be processed in extrusion machines. The result is a fully biodegradable cable protection tube. The big difference from standard cable protection tubes is that this ‘bio tube’ completely dissolves in the soil over time. At the end of a construction project, you can therefore leave this tube in place without polluting the soil.


The development of the Terra Tube is an initiative of Wavin, contractor Heijmans and Rodenburg Biopolymers.


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