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A green and sustainable gift in a biobased packaging.

Rodenburg Bioplastics teamed up to develop a 100% biobased and biodegradable flowerpot, for tree gifts. The biodegradable pots are perfectly in line with the climate and environment ambitions as here we use only renewable materials and no fossil fuels.

The Challenge

Treemore, a developer of nature-friendly products, specializes in selling gift boxes containing trees that can conveniently fit into any bag or even through the letterbox, offering a small gift with a promising future. The challenge was to create a product that was highly biobased (ideally 100%), fully degradable according to EN13432 standards, visibly biobased (using fibers), and capable of being injection molded with a wall thickness of 0.7mm. Rodenburg collaborated with Bato Plastics to manufacture injection molded pots that seamlessly integrate with the Treemore product line.

The use of biopolymer was a non-negotiable requirement for Treemore, aligning with their business vision to avoid reliance on fossil resources and hard-to-degrade plastics, thus minimizing their impact on the climate and environment. Rodenburg’s bio-based and compostable polymers not only give the plant pots a natural look and feel but also deliver the highest level of sustainability in production design achievable.


Rodenburg Bioplastics
Bato Plastics

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