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Rodenburg wins
Golden Circle Award

Biodegradable plastic from potato residues. Rodenburg Biopolymers adds value to organic residue streams of potatoes, vegetables and fruit by turning them into new raw materials. A development that earned them the Golden Circle today, an incentive prize from the province of Noord-Brabant for pioneers in the circular economy.

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Mankind is exhausting the earth’s resources. With fossil fuels running out and the climate warming up, the world needs to transition to a sustainable economy. Rodenburg believes the power of plants will be key in reaching that goal.

By re-engineering agricultural processes from the source, we create biobased innovations with social and environmental impact. We valorize side streams into biobased raw materials, offering sustainable alternatives for chemicals and fossil-based products. Solutions that will help the world reduce carbon emissions, reach the Paris Climate Agreement and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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An unwavering belief in a better, greener world. For over 75 years, that has been the driving force behind Rodenburg. A family-owned company, we have been at the forefront of the valorisation of agricultural residue streams for three generations. We believe nature has given us innumerable opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered. It’s why we nurture even the smallest ideas with expertise and passion, and give them a chance to blossom into game-changing products and services. By never ceasing to tinker, try, and experiment, we have been driving innovation in the agricultural market since we were founded in 1945.

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The most impactful innovations are born when sustainability and profit align. That’s why we work with the entire supply chain to find new ideas that not only positively impact the environment, but also have economic and social value. By collaborating closely with our worldwide network of industry partners, we create proven, scalable solutions that benefit all parties involved and speed up the transition to a circular economy.

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Our eyes see the world not as it is, but as it can be. It is that vision that gives us the courage to swim against the tide and the tenacity to keep going under the most challenging circumstances. Our team consists of experts and talented professionals who have focused their careers on truly making a difference. Together, we take action every day to bring the world closer to a fossil-free future.

We are Rodenburg Group


Manufacturer of biobased and
biodegradable plastics

Rodenburg Biopolymers is your partner in biobased biodegradable compound development and production. We partner up over the full value chain to co-create and deliver solutions that match standard and tailor made demands.


Versatile natural carbonhydrates
for feed ingredients

Rodenburg produces and supplies sustainable plant based feed ingredients for the pet food industry. We focus on ingredients made of co-products from the food industry, which have a lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives.

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We manufacture premium drilling
starches for industrial applications.

We manufacture cold water dispersible powders, modified potato starches intended for use in the water based drilling and completion industry as fluid loss control and rheology stabilizer in fresh water and saturated salt water muds. Our products comply with the standards laid down in API 13A and ISO 13500. We also offer extrusion toll-manufacturing on our extrusion lines.

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The future is
­Planet Starch

Planet Starch is a novelty green-chemistry platform technology that enables a shift from fossil based to renewable and sustainable raw materials. Combining good for the planet and making impact with our scalable technology for multifarious industries; with more than 400 documented applications to date.


Our initiatives

The future starts here.
side stream innovation valley

Our “open” innovation hub brings together production, research and community. Here, companies and educational organisations work together on the high-end valorisation of co-products from the food processing industry.


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